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Truck Accident Attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii

Truck accidents are much more complicated than regular auto accidents. Multiple parties may be held responsible, multiple insurance companies may be involved, and there are many factors that can determine fault. Because trucks are commercial vehicles, there are many more laws and types of laws which apply to accidents involving trucks than simple auto accidents. With the complexity surrounding trucking accidents, you may have questions you want answered.

There are many elements that must be considered when determining fault in a truck accident including:

  • Trucking regulations

  • Driver skill and training

  • Consecutive hours of driving

  • Internal company policies and expectations may lead to unsafe practices

  • Type of accident, such as underride accidents

  • Overloaded truck

  • Equipment malfunction

  • Faulty brakes

  • Faulty tires

  • Intoxication

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Trucking companies and their insurance companies will have their own dedicated attorneys, sometimes multiple teams of attorneys. Potential evidence in a truck accident is much more extensive than evidence collected in an auto accident. Truckers are required to keep logs, some trucking companies use advanced technology such as GPS to track and record things like speed, location, and driving time, and there is information that can be obtained from weigh stations, places of loading and unloading, etc. Trucking companies will not volunteer the evidence needed to prove your case. Only an experienced truck accident attorney in Honolulu knows what evidence and information to look for, and where to find it.

Protective Laws

Numerous state and federal laws apply in truck accidents. The trucking industry is heavily regulated and many of the laws that apply to trucking are designed to keep protect motorists, including rules and regulations regarding:

  • Consecutive driving hours

  • Cargo weight limits

  • Inspection schedules

  • Drug and alcohol testing

  • Driver training

  • Hazardous materials

Some of the laws that apply to trucking are designed to prevent various types of illegal activity such as transporting illegal cargo. These laws can sometimes be applied in accident lawsuits as well.

Truck accidents usually involve multiple responsible parties. This can include:

  • The driver

  • The trucking company

  • The contractor

  • The owner

  • The truck manufacturer

  • Government entities

  • Multiple insurance companies

Truck Accident Attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii

Due to the complex nature of truck accidents, only experienced truck accident attorneys have the knowledge to effectively pursue a truck accident lawsuit. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident anywhere in Hawaii, call Attorney Dan Pagliarini, an experienced Honolulu truck accident attorney to schedule your free case evaluation and consultation today.