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Case Results

Daniel T. Pagliarini, Attorney at Law

With over three decades of trial experience, Honolulu Attorney Daniel Pagliarini has successfully represented hundreds of clients, helping them obtain monetary awards and settlements for injuries caused by others’ carelessness. Daniel T. Pagliarini Attorney at Law works hard for every client we take on, offering them personalized legal counsel tailored to their unique needs and legal goals. Because of this dedication, we have been successful in many cases throughout the year.

While no attorney can guarantee a result, we offer a sampling of our awards and settlements as a testament to our commitment. To discuss your particular matter, call us at (808) 587-5800

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury


Wrongful Death


Auto Accident Leg Injury


Burn Injuries


Forklift Accident Injuries


Trip/Fall Knee Injury


Slip/Fall Back Injury


Moped Accident-Back Injury


Auto Accident Hand Injury


Slip/Fall Back Injury